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I help organisations develop their talent to take more risks, innovate and challenge the status quo.

"Mediocrity is expensive - and autonomy can be the antidote"
- Tom Kelley, IDEO

Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm the founder of Rebel In Progress, a platform leading the modern generation of Rebel Development for talent. I disrupt the traditional professional development space to bring rebellion to the core of your workforce's skillset. It's my mission to socialise rebellion as an asset for workers in order for companies to leverage this untapped resource and use it to their competitive advantage.

I'm passionate about assisting companies to pioneer rebellious talent and utilise this fresh expertise to serve their workers, clients and society in new ways. My ambition is to help companies cultivate quality talent at the start of your pipeline. I believe nurturing employees throughout their career demonstrates your company's commitment to and endorsement of a high-performing workforce at all levels.

The Rebel In Progress programmes are designed for lasting impact and grounded in psychological research. 


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If you are a corporate, get in touch for a bespoke programme; I have experience in delivering training and workshops to staff and students of all levels for HSBC and the University of Oxford.

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