Helping ambitious women connect with their inner rebel to break the rules holding them back from progressing their careers.


As a woman at work, you are told to keep the peace, be liked, work hard, be humble, nod along and follow instructions - and then you'll get noticed because your work speaks for itself, right?!

Conforming to these conditioned career rules can leave you feeling tired, frustrated and even lost.


I'll tell you the secret they don't want you to know - you need to break the rules.


Enter Rebel In Progress. What if you honed your positive rebellion to lead, be assertive, ask hard questions, challenge the status quo and think independently to expose your valuable perspective.


Businesses need rebels to lead, offer innovations, solutions and fresh ideas; it's what keeps them ahead of their competitors. You can only do this once you start rebelling and do things differently.


I know being a rebel isn't always easy but is a necessary work in progress. And when you have the right support behind you, that's when you'll achieve your potential.


Up to the challenge and want support along the way?

Join our community of women breaking the rules to progress at work.



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"A fantastic insight into an area I've definitely neglected for too long, it made me think about the importance of creativity across different areas of life and work."

- Postdoc in Neuroscience, Oxford University

Speak your mind.

How to share your ideas, thoughts, opinions and beliefs with confidence to move towards the promotion and recognition you want.


How to use independent thought and action to challenge the status quo and step up into your leadership potential.

show me the money.

How to negotiate your salary or payrise using our shame-free approach to reflect your true value.


Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm the founder of Rebel In Progress, a platform reinventing rebellion as an essential career skill to help women break the rules holding them back in their careers.

I'm passionate about helping women to achieve their ambition to climb the corporate ranks. We need women that bring a more emotionally intelligent, authentic, open and courageous style of leadership. I've worked with lots of amazing women that aren't yet confident to positively rebel and 

challenge the status quo for fear of it holding them back when, in fact, the opposite is true. 


There is huge untapped potential when it comes to female executives, from stronger revenue growth, higher profit margins, fresh perspectives for innovations and solutions, improvements in company culture to higher retention of talent.

In less than three-years, I advanced my career from a photocopy assistant at a small law firm to a technical advisory role at the global headquarters of an international bank in Canary Wharf. And within five years, I was earning close to a six-figure income.


Become a

Rebel In Progress

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If you are a corporate, get in touch for a bespoke programme; Rachel has experience in delivering training and workshops to staff and students of all levels for the likes of HSBC and the University of Oxford.

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University of Oxford

"Rachel is an excellent workshop designer, facilitator and presenter. She has a really approachable and flexible style, able to quickly pivot her delivery depending on the needs of the organisation and the people taking part. Running her workshops at the University of Oxford was a new experiment for us as an organisation, but it was a resounding success. I’m looking forward to working with Rachel again and would have no hesitation in recommending her as a workshop provider."


We are based between London & Surrey and work across the UK.

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