Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm the founder of Rebel In Progress, a platform leading the modern generation of Rebel Development for professional talent. I disrupt the traditional professional development space to bring rebellion to the core of your workforce's skillset. It's my mission to socialise rebellion as an asset for workers in order for companies to leverage this untapped resource and use it as a competitive advantage.

Rebellion is the ability to be authentic, creative and challenge the status quo while leading, experimenting and taking more risks.

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Professional Experience

Rachel Matthews - Rebel In Progress
From over six and a half years working in the corporate world, I saw first-hand the problems organisations face when trying to train and support talent. I spent five-plus years at top-tier banks within the Financial Crime Compliance sphere predominately between Canary Wharf and the City of London, working on global investigations, conducting risk assessments and facilitating training and formal workshops to staff members of all levels.

In my experience, I spotted reoccurring themes; inexperienced and/or underconfident staff were less likely to take risks, be creative and experiment. There was a tendency to play it safe for worry of getting it wrong or fear of criticism. Any fresh ideas would be shared privately and away from a wider audience, minimising their contributions and collaborations.

Working a demanding role with little room for error, the frustrations came when I could not dedicate the necessary time to nurture talent within the team. The structured training programmes in these resource-rich organisations focused on technical knowledge only. When delivering these workshops, I could not teach core skills - such as creative and critical thinking - needed to be successful in an investigator and risk-analysis role. The tick box cheatsheets weren't enough to develop and practice skills to create a more competent and confident workforce.

Since identifying this problem, I have interviewed creative-minds and experts from startups and more established organisations - from Blinkist to the University of Oxford - on innovation, creativity, critical thinking and the future of work. I combine these learnings with my personal experience and research to create corporate programmes grounded in psychology and focused on lasting impact.

The Rebel In Progress programmes are designed to engage participants to recognise their potential and practice skills centred on creativity, experimenting, risk-taking, speaking up and challenging the status quo.