Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm passionate about helping women to achieve their ambition to climb the corporate ranks. We need women that bring a more emotionally intelligent, authentic, open and courageous style of leadership. I've worked with lots of amazing women that aren't yet confident to positively rebel and 

challenge the status quo for fear of it holding them back when, in fact, the opposite is true. 


There is huge untapped potential when it comes to female executives, from stronger revenue growth, higher profit margins, fresh perspectives for innovations and solutions, improvements in company culture to higher retention of talent.

In less than three-years, I advanced my career from a photocopy assistant at a small law firm to a technical advisory role at the global headquarters of an international bank in Canary Wharf. And within five years, I was earning close to a six-figure income.

To get there, I've made many acts of positive rebellion, and the main thing that made it a stressful experience was listening to the social expectations that I had internalised. Yet, I always pushed through. That was until an experience where I met massive outside resistance. I asked a senior female leader for advice on how to overcome this struggle. She said, avoid the problem, keep my head down and don't take on the 'boys' club'. Oh, and if anyone asked, she would deny ever having this conversation with me. It wasn't the answer I wanted, but it opened my eyes to the problem.

I'm the founder of Rebel In Progress, a platform reinventing rebellion as an essential career skill to help women break the rules holding them back in their careers.

I knew this wasn't the place for me to make meaningful change. I made the decision to leave and I'm working on a bigger disruption. I founded Rebel In Progress as a platform for ambitious women to come together to support positive rebellion for widespread change and gain more influence at the top.



Rachel previously worked at the global headquarters of multiple international banks based between Canary Wharf and the City of London.

Rachel started her career in a criminal law firm and later moved into Financial Crime Compliance for well-known top-tier banks, such as JPMorgan Chase and HSBC. Having dealt with rebels that cause a negative impact in the criminal sphere - she craved a shift.


What if rebellion had a positive outcome?


She began to investigate with entrepreneurs, experts and creatives on her podcast Creative Connections. During the deep-dive into the topics of creativity, entrepreneurship and the future of work it became clear that there was a huge amount of untapped potential around breaking rules for the better - aka. positive rebellion.


She has since used these learnings, her own research and corporate experience to design workshops and programmes for women to benefit from career rebellion.

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