To progress at work you must keep the peace, be liked, work hard, play small and follow instructions - and then you'll get noticed because your work speaks for itself, right?

Conforming to these conditioned career rules can leave you feeling tired, frustrated and even lost.


I'll tell you the secret that I've learned - you need to break the rules.


Enter Rebel In Progress. What if you honed your positive rebellion to be creative, challenge the status quo and take more risks?


Businesses need rebels to lead, offer innovations, solutions and fresh ideas; it's what keeps them ahead of their competitors.


I know being a rebel isn't always easy but is a necessary work in progress. And when you have the right support beside you, that's when you'll achieve your potential.


Up to the challenge and want support along the way?



Speak your mind.

How to bring your authentic self to work and use your strengths to contribute fully. 

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Connect to your rebel.

Tap into your intuition to improve decision-making, risk-taking and contributions at work.

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Leader in progress.

How to take the initial steps into your leadership potential by exploring your leadership qualities.

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"A fantastic insight into an area I've definitely neglected for too long, it made me think about the importance of creativity across different areas of life and work."

- Postdoc in Neuroscience, Oxford University