Authenticity and emotional labour

We’ve all been there. A working lunch with a boss you don’t like and colleagues you’d rather only see in the office.

You may feel in this hour of forced bonding that you should let the lunch run as smoothly as possible, not offering yourself to the conversation. A polite nod and a thinly sliced smile is all you have to offer. It’s the easiest option but it may cost you in the long run.

The energy you save in not sharing your own opinion is deceiving. Why do you still leave feeling exhausted after an hour of mindless nodding and washing down pizza with a diet coke?

You have drained more energy from your emotional labour bank than you saved.

It is common for this approach to spill over to the office too. Opting for the easy life over the authentic life. It starts by keeping quiet when you should speak up and can snowball to adopting different personality traits to adjust to others.

These seemingly small acts will soon mount up to an energy-draining existence, that isn't sustainable in the long term.

It’s all about guarding your energy reserves and making sure you use them in the most cost effective way in the long run.

It would be more beneficial to learn how to authentically express yourself and play the long game.

The more you are authentically yourself, the less emotional labour reserves you use, which means more energy to be put to good use elsewhere.