Podcast: Creative Connections episode 10 with the founder of Flamingo Life, Kim Sprague

My guest this week is Kim Sprague, the founder of Flamingo Life. She has over 12-years experience supporting corporate executives through change, and female leaders to launch and grow businesses. She’s worked with corporate clients such as Three Mobile, Coca Cola, Shelf Help and London School of Business.

Kim has a background in communications and marketing where she worked as a Senior Comms Manager at Penguin Random House UK moving on to the Head of Communications for a government start-up before retraining as a yoga teacher and coach.

She has consciously created her version of balance between coaching, founding Flamingo Life and being a parent. She has recently launched her business mentoring and training membership called the Impact and Income Tribe and will be releasing the next series of her ‘Her Balanced Business’ podcast very soon.

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Supporting Yourself Through Change

Kim talks me through navigating her own change from a communications and marketing career to retraining as a yoga teacher and later as a business, leadership and career coach.

Increasing Creativity and Maximising Your Potential

Kim advocates for projecting positive energy to draw in what you want, whether that is to be more creative or gaining more clients, all accompanied by a good balance of hustle and flow.

Building Your Confidence and Resilience Through Mindset

Kim shares her coaching insights and own experience into increasing creativity, confidence and resilience and talks on how they are muscles that can be trained over time. I love how she is open with the amount she has put herself out there in the hope of opportunities, as well as accepting the reality of receiving frequent 'no's early on in her career.

I hope you enjoy this week's episode. This is my final chat in this series but I will be back in April with more fabulous guests. I'd be so grateful if you'd take a moment to rate, review and subscribe, and I'll see you all very soon!