Podcast: Creative Connections episode 16 is with Lara Hayward of Oxford University

Episode 16 - Lara Hayward

I'm super excited to have Lara Hayward on the Creative Connections podcast this week!

Lara is the lead on Creative Careers strategy at the University of Oxford and has previously worked as a lawyer for ten years in the healthcare, business regulation and sports sectors. She has held a non-executive director position at the Paralympic National Governing Body and Mountain Training England.

Having worked in elite sport, healthcare and higher education, Lara has a keen interest in high-performing individuals and teams, the arts and creativity; and how the learnings from these specialisms can contribute to self-development and fulfilment.

Lara also participates in triathlons, is a qualified triathlon coach and has taken up acro-yoga which has led to her acceptance into circus school after a rigorous two-day audition!

Lara and I met virtually a few weeks back and clicked immediately. We found a common passion for delving into the world of creativity and creative education. We started on a similar path in our careers studying law and have landed on a similar trajectory with exploring creativity in our 30s. It's fascinating to chat with someone like Lara. She has a wealth of experience in many different environments. She has no plans to let up her pace in trying new things—beautifully demonstrated through her new challenge in starting circus school later this year.

If you're feeling lost in your career, this episode is for you. Lara has the best advice on why you don't need to have things figured out and how following your curiosity can lead down some brilliant opportunities.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Learning from high-performance environments

  • Reconnecting with creativity

  • Using the threads of her curiosity to guide her career

  • Securing her place at circus school after an intensive audition process

Thank you to Lara for offering her time to chat with me. You can listen to the episode of Apple Podcasts and Spotify, as well as below. I hope you enjoy and if you do, why not share with a friend!

I'll be back next week with another creative guest.

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