Podcast: Creative Connections episode 8 is with the Founder of SESAME

My latest guest on Creative Connections podcast is the wonderful Founder of SESAME, Emily Buckland. Emily is the perfect guest to talk about all things creativity, entrepreneurship and the future of work because SESAME is a PR recruitment and head-hunting consultancy doing things differently. They focus on non-linear and diverse roles to begin to change the landscape of PR and Marketing Communications while helping talent prosper in the long-term. 

SESAME also has a fluffy and gorgeous team member called, you guessed it, Sesame (aka. Sessy). Sessy the cockapoo kept us company while recording, she was curled up next to us throughout our chitchat (see the snuggly pup below). To discover more about SESAME (and Sessy), you can find their website here.

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Starting and Expanding Sesame

Emily talks me through beginning her values-led business and how these guiding principles help them decide on the best-matched partnerships. She gives advice on how to handle client incompatibility and say no without making excuses.

Career Journey up the Ladder to Head of Brand

Emily shares her experience of climbing the PR career ladder to obtain the role of Head of Brand for Porter Novelli, the award-winning communications consultancy that is part of the Omnicom Group. The lessons she learnt from experiencing burnout and how it is beneficial to take a step back to see if you should recast your direction or accept that promotion.

Top Up Creative Reserves and Creating Commercial Imaginative Ideas

She speaks on needing to top up her creative reserves after hitting burnout. We chat about being creative on demand and how it can feel contradictory to the creative process - we both agreed that your best ideas usually come in the shower rather than the boardroom. She shares the behind the scenes on gauging the best innovative concepts to balance imagination and commercialism, as the ideas would ultimately have to be bought by the client brand.

The Importance of Diversity of Thought in the Workplace

She talks on the sweet spot for solving problems through the intersection of different minds and how various industries can learn from each other, from hospital handovers to the Formula 1 pitlane teams. We learn that diversity of talent is key to the magic. It is also about breaking and remodelling company processes when necessary to ensure innovation thrives. She explains that it's essential to questions how things are done and break the rules for the better.

I'm so thankful to have Emily on the podcast to share her fascinating career story and offer her invaluable insights into running a successful business. I'm sure a lot of you will find Emily's practical advice very useful, especially those entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and if you do, I would love for you to rate, review and subscribe to help me expand the podcast listenership. Thanks for all your support.

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