Podcast: Creative Connections Episode 12 is with sleep expert, Dr Katharina Lederle of Somnia

What impact does sleep have on creativity and innovation? How do we form new ideas? Are you a lark or an owl?

My guest this week on Creative Connections podcast is Dr Katharina Lederle; she is a chronobiologist and sleep expert with a PhD in Human Sleep & Circadian Physiology. She is the Founder of Somnia and a practising Consultant Sleep Therapist. She has helped many people with insomnia and has advised national and international airlines, emergency helicopter services and petrochemical and mining companies around the world on the issues of insomnia, fatigue and sleep deprivation.

We discuss the topic of sleep and creativity. She helps us to understand more about our sleep patterns and, most importantly, how to improve our sleep quality. Click the link below or listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify by searching 'Creative Connections'.

Kat and I chatted about the following topics:

  • The impact of stress on the brain, how it affects sleep and creative-thinking

  • How chronotypes differ from person to person and how the modern lifestyles have shifted our sleep clocks due to technology and sedentary living

  • The process of moving memories in our sleep and how new ideas form

  • How we can improve our sleep for better chances of innovation and creativity

I was such a pleasure to interview Dr Lederle, and she offered some fascinating and useful insights that we can begin to apply to our everyday lives. This episode is a must-listen (if I say so myself) for aspiring-creatives that want to support their creative minds.