Podcast: Creative Connections Series 2 is here! Episode 11 is with Anna Flockett, Startups Magazine

I'm back (and pretty god damn happy about it!) after a little podcasting break to bring you series 2 of the Creative Connections. This week I'm absolutely delighted to be interviewing the editor of Startups Magazine, Anna Flockett. Anna has been working for Startups Magazine for over 2-years and at the beginning of the year stepped up into the role of editor. Listen to the episode below or listen on Spotify or Apple. Before I fully introduce this week's guest, I wanted to write a little note on the circumstances surrounding COVID-19: The world's circumstances have significantly changed since my last series of Creative Connections, yet my purpose remains the same. I want to continue to serve those that want stories of creativity to support them through these tough times, yet I equally support those that are prioritising surviving right now. There's no right way to handle things in a pandemic, so whether you are more productive than usual or are curled up on the sofa binging a Netflix boxset - there are no judgements here. That's why in this episode, I continue to interview my guest as usual with a conscious nod to the recent events and I ask Anna to guide us to insights and resources at the end of our chat that you might find topics and useful. Now, on with the show! It's such a privilege to interview Anna at this time, she has only recently celebrated her first issue as the editor with the March/April 2020 magazine. It will be one of many issues and it's all focused on creating a positive company culture, featuring articles on how to adapt when unplanned changes happen, as well as maintaining positivity and team closeness when working remotely. All very topical discussions following the pandemic, right? In this episode, we discuss:

Her Path into Tech and Engineering Journalism

Anna shares her path into journalism and specialism in tech and engineering. We discuss her passion for encouraging girls and women into this space and the possible barrier they face along the way.

Adapting to Change as Editor With a lot of us facing change and having to adapt in the face of COVID-19, Anna shares her experience of change as she takes on the role as editor and leading the editorial team remotely.

Essential Startups Events and Keeping Ahead Anna lets me in on behind the scenes of Startups Magazine and how they keep their finger on the pulse, their golden sources of essential events in the startup calendar and how they utilise their time when attending these must-attend events.

Startups Mag Introductions and Collaborations If you've ever wondered how to make that all-important introduction to Startups Magazine and satisfy what they look for in their partnerships, Anna generously breaks this down and explains how she establishes new connections, online and in-person (even if postponed for the time being, for obvious reasons!).

Recommendations During the Pandemic We end our chat on recommendations to support startups and business owners during COVID-19, Anna provides examples of those adapting well, educational resources and must-read articles for the following topics:

- Resources for parents homeschooling children focused on STEM subjects - Adapting in a pandemic - taking your businesses online - Finding a community and focusing on wellbeing in uncertain times - Embracing long-term planning for businesses

Thank You! I want to finish with a massive thank you to Anna, it's was a pleasure to interview her - in what I'm sure is a manic time for her. Once you listen to the episode, you'll understand she's a busy lady always connecting and creating to keep the Startups Mag wheels turning. Her down-to-earth and patient approach is so refreshing, especially in a time when we could all use a dose of kindness and compassion. I can personally testify to her patience after a few failed attempts of recording this episode - thanks to my intermittent internet connection - Anna was so generous in rescheduling to an earlier time with kind words and no complaints! I know not everyone would respond the same way. Again, thank you Anna and I hope you enjoy the first episode of series 2!

Referenced Resouces

Find the March/April issue, 'Finding a Positive Company Culture' of Startups Magazine here: https://startupsmagazine.co.uk

Startups Magazine YouTube page where its previous webinars are hosted: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCccztX35OPFsyKBfPV-pB9Q