Podcast: Creative Connections episode 4 is with the Founder of The Inspiration Space

This week’s episode is with the Founder of The Inspiration Space, Liana Fricker. The Inspiration Space is a community that helps women to grow, scale, or start a small business. The Inspiration Space joined forces with a digital accelerator, Growing Together, hosted and supported by the University of Winchester. This allowed The Inspiration Space to combine the nationally recognised business mastermind workshops with their model of peer-to-peer support and community meet-ups. Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts or listen below.

Liana is the dynamic spirit that brings people together to connect the dots, using her knowledge from launching new brands, selling ideas and managing multiple clients.

Her professional career in London started in Fashion PR, and she later moved into advertising, after hitting burnout she moved to the suburbs to start a family and found herself feeling unfulfilled after the novelty of the new experience wore off.

She tells me how consulting for a startup in California changed her outlook on business. She saw first hand how entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are confident in their ideas and ambitions, even when they aren’t earning any money, but the end goal keeps them going. Entrepreneurship is all about getting people to the field and solving this big problem that is burning inside.

This is what later led her to start The Inspiration Space, a place for women to make a meaningful connection as they progress their businesses, acquire knowledge and establish new relationships.

The Inspiration Space helps solve the problem for wanting a career change later in life, the Open University is not the only option in this new revolutionary wave of work.

I ask her what common hurdles she helps those in her community overcome, and she describes what the first three years of launching a startup are all about.

She endorses the mindset of dreaming big, being vocal about your goals and aspirations to earn money. She says how important it is to put yourself in the right entrepreneurial environment to drown out the doubters because innovation is more important.

You can only innovate when you realise it’s okay to be a round peg in a square hole. But don’t mistake a lack of purpose in traditional employment with the desire to start a business - they are two very different things. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode. I’ll be taking a break over Christmas and will be back in mid-January with more guest interviews.

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