Podcast: Creative Connections episode 6 is with the Founder of twentynine

This week, my guest is Bette Lynch, the founder of twentynine, the agency focusing on photographic strategy to tell your untold stories in the most visually compelling and impactful way. Bette draws on her extensive experience that spans over three decades within the national press and a prominent wire agency. https://twentynineagency.com

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Bette describes the behind the scenes of producing news coverage, how they would plan for major events and shares the reactive role as the Director of Photography for News across Europe, Middle East and Africa at Getty Images.

Bette joins me to share how she scaled the ranks after starting her first junior position in picture syndication at The Independent. She later gained experience at a whole host of national newspapers, such as The Daily Express and Sunday Telegraph, to name a few.

In this episode we talk royal weddings, understanding the rise of Donald Trump, the migrant crisis and her year-long project for Action Aid UK, Women by Women. I am grateful that she was so open in unwrapping her creative approach when telling complex stories. She often credits the fantastic talent of her colleagues and describes the privilege of support and opportunities she's been offered along the way, but there is no doubt that her success has also derived from her talent.

Bette is a fascinating, kind and modest woman with an evident passion for imagery and unearthing stories that truly connect humanity. So, whether you're looking for someone to lead your pub quiz team to victory or a warm character to craft your visual identity, Bette is your person.

I admire Bette’s compassion and curiosity, and I have no doubt that after listening to her generous stories, you will too. I hope you enjoy our chat.

Women by Women exhibition, 5th March to 8th March: https://www.oxotower.co.uk/events/actionaid-presents-women-by-women/

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