Podcast: Creative Connections episode 18 is with Nancy Evbuomwan of Unikable

Nancy Evbuomwan, Founder of Unikable

Episode 18 with Nancy Evbuomwan, business strategist and the Founder of Unikable

My guest this week on the Creative Connections podcast is Nancy Evbuomwan. Nancy is the high energy (and hilarious) founder of Unikable. Unikable specialises in business strategy, agility and empowering uniqueness.

Nancy is a speaker, strategist, agility coach and host of the podcast Better, Faster, Happier. She has experience working in tech, product, talent as well as startup business - she began her first entrepreneurial venture, Whisper London, back in 2012.

In this episode Nancy shares:

  • Her experience of being an entrepreneur, the challenges and mistakes along the way

  • The importance of strategy, agility and clear decision-making

  • Her mission to help empower companies' uniqueness

  • What it means for her to be 'unemployable'

  • Process and automation tips with business growth in mind

A huge thank you to Nancy for featuring as this week's guest. It was an absolute pleasure chatting with her and I hope you enjoy listening to our chat. If you did, please make sure to rate, review and subscribe as it helps others discover the podcast.

If you'd like to work with Nancy and Unikable, they are now accepting people onto the accelerator programme waiting list. The programme will help you to spot better opportunities, identify key problems, test ideas, offer solutions and build a strategy with the aim to grow an agile business. You can sign up here.