Podcast: Creative Connections episode 3 is with the CEO and Founder of Untapped Digital

This week's episode is with the CEO and Founder of Untapped Digital, a social media agency based in London working with brands around the globe to untap their potential. Untapped's goal is to ensure their clients cut through the noise in the overwhelmingly busy world of social and come out on top. Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.

Corrie was working at a university in their social media team when she started helping out friends of friends to guide them on how to use social to grow their business. Unknowing to Corrie, this would be the start of her consultancy business, Corrie Jones Limited that later developed into Untapped Digital.

She admits that she exhausted her network when it came to searching for new clients. When word of mouth referrals dried up, she took charge of the sales process, and she continues to do so today, through speaking jobs, connecting online and at events. When we spoke, she had only recently returned from a Business Bootcamp in Miami where the focus was on creating your own opportunities for growth.

She offers advice on how to reduce the gap between you and your potential clients and how to establish credibility in the early days. She tells me how she asks herself, what actions would move the needle the fastest?

She shares the pivotal shift she made in her business; from working for the business to working on the business, allowing the company to grow. She reached the revenue tipping point and decided to hire staff as she realised that she wasn’t the best person to deliver every aspect of the work.

She recognises the challenges she’s faced, that have led her to now understands that client relationships don’t happen instantly and can sometimes take weeks, months or even years to establish. But running her own business comes with many positives, such as the freedom that comes from thinking creatively. She also breaks down how to increase creativity into three main aspects, and it’s something that I’ve taken notes on since listening back to the interview.

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