Podcast: Creative Connections Episode 2 with the Founder of WellFitBox

Firstly, thank you for all your kind messages of support in the first week of launching the podcast, it's been so lovely to hear that you enjoyed the interview with Fi as much as I did. And secondly, I'm so excited to share my second guest interview with you! This week's episode is with the unstoppable founder of WellFitBox, which you can listen to it now on Apple podcasts.

Viviana Stecconi is the Founder of WellFitBox, the subscription box that is more than a beauty box. Their mission is to get you feeling happier and healthier in your mind, body and soul. Each box features handpicked goodies from healthy food and drinks, natural beauty and fitness products to motivational gadgets.

Viviana was an interior designer who moved to the UK from Italy to study. She has over 10 years of experience in the creative industry and currently works a full-time role at a global creative agency. Viviana was also a competitive ice-skater and has qualified as a personal trainer.

In our chat, she talks me through how she started the company with a five thousand pound budget in personal savings and Why in the first few months she prioritised buying the best-branded products for £23.99 and selling the boxes for a profit as little as £2.

She shares how she wouldn’t have been able to take the brand where it is today without leaning on friends and colleagues. She encourages others to ask for favours as you’d be surprised that people more willing to help than you would think.

She talks me through how she held herself accountable to launch Well Fit Box in the beginning stages and is open with talking about her personal motivations for starting a business. She shares her experience of needing a creative outlet as a distraction from trying to have a family, and when things didn’t work out, she needed to focus her energy elsewhere.

During my research, I found a colleague’s description of Viviana, “Viviana is unstoppable. She makes things happen like no one I’ve ever met. Viviana is fun, fast and furious. Her pace is unbelievable. Strategic brain, positive attitude, charismatic personality, efficient organisation, and outstanding output.”

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