Are you ready for the world of work to change?

In a recent PwC report, two out of five people around the world believe traditional employment as we know it won’t be around in the future. They think people will have their own ‘brands’ and sell their skills to those that need them on a contract basis.

As someone who loves variety in their work, I find this a pretty exciting prospect. If you disagree, don’t panic. I also felt like that a few years ago when I worked in a corporate career. One thing I wish I had done while at my previous job was to take a few mini-steps to up-skill ready for my new way of working.

So, I thought I'd share 4 tips with you that I wish I'd done sooner:

⚡Find time for micro-learnings outside of the day job. Podcasts are great for micro-learnings. I’d recommend @howibuiltthisnpr, I listened to James Dyson's episode & got an insight into his mindset of determination & innovation. I was blown away by his belief in his projects & willingness to take risks to see his ideas come to life.

⚡Learn from others’ real-life experience; this could be as simple as following IG accounts. I like @fleuremery’s content on growing a business. Another podcast recommendation is The Cereal Entrepreneur, @startupsmagazine's new podcast about how startups are adapting in the pandemic.

⚡Online learning & workshops to up-skill. Here are some suggestions: @skillshare a creative learning community; and, @escapethecity a career & biz community. Escape The City has a couple of free workshops soon on kickstarting your career and accelerating your biz idea.

⚡If after these mini-steps you feel inspired to start a project, find someone to keep you accountable; you can keep it casual & use a friend or like me, find a mentor.

I connected with my lovely mentor through @allbright but you could reach out to someone you admire via LinkedIn. For more inspiration listen below to the Creative Connections podcast episode with @mtrinetti. We chat about his journey from IMB to a portfolio career and how he made it all happen. I'm sure you will find it useful!